I love girly stuff, but there is this divide that I often have when it comes to, too much. Or more importantly the tacky stuff.

So I hate baby showers.

I hate frilly stuff even more when it is thrown about. But I can be thankfully, the shower that I will be attending is for a baby boy so we get to avoid all of that. I am also thankful that they will be having a non-traditional, co-ed baby shower instead of the segregated girl's only get togethers. They are just so boring. I am sorry, but it is true. We'll be enjoying things that work with my keto diet, that includes burgers, hotdogs, and all the fixings.

I don't want to attend one of those "give us gifts, eat, and leave" events that seem to be so common with the girls only baby shower, but I also know a lot of people despise them so I guess it gives them an out. I was tasked to help, so now I need to answer the question "are there any fun, co-ed games?" Which has led me to the conclusion that, no, there are in fact few if any usuable ones. There will be a huge group of men that could possibly attend since the daddy has a lot of of friends. So I would sort of like to find ones that don't suck.

One of my co-workers was at one and suggested painting/drawing on onesies.

She liked it.

And I like that it's not forced or super girly like traditional shower games, it gives people something to do with their hands and makes it easier to socialize if they don't know each other, plus you get practical and personal keepsakes.

But I don't see everybody joining in.

I looked on pinterest, some one invitations and called it: bbq, beer and baby but they aren't going that route and I honestly don't see them changing it either. They are having a waffle buffet.

The only other fun one that I found was make a baby out of play doh, which really isn't a game, but feels more like something you would have kids do to stay out of the way. Besides play doh isn't cheap.

Another one that I liked was the idea of having a photobooth full of fun baby props and a fill in the blank baby themed mad lib. Guests get take their picture and stick it in a premade scrapbook next to their madlib, though I actually didn't see this in conjunction with a baby shower per se. But I think that it would make it more of a party than a baby shower.