I love having long hair, but it takes some work.

  • co-wash only. Try dry shampoo to maximize time between washes and to freshen up. Depending on the color of your hair, you can make a DIY dry shampoo that smells nice or even odorless- I use a bit of cornstarch, as my hair is very light blond.
  • boar bristle brush (mine is an old Goody brush), you can find a decent one at Sally's for a reasonable price. Also, brush using the right technique- gentle de tangle first, start at the ends, slowly move up the lengths until you get to the roots
  • satin pillowcases and satin sleep cap for nighttime. This reduces tangles, breakage and friction
  • wear your hair in a protective styling when possible- ie braids and buns. Secure them gently, with metal-free elastics and scrunchies, pins and hair sticks
  • use a balm or leave in conditioner for the ends. Jojoba oil is great for my dry ends. You can use a bit of your regular conditioner as a leave in.

Your hair might need some time to get accustomed to co-washing.

Or it just might not work for you. You could also do a modified version, where you put conditioner on the ends, shampoo the roots, rinse and condition all over. It will protect the drier ends while still washing the roots.

Batiste makes nice dry shampoos. I believe they have a line called Hint of Color in addition to their regular ones. The one I have is great. You could probably pick up travel sizes to try them out before buying the regular container. Here's a DIY recipe.

As far as boar bristle brushes: mason and Pearson, bass, and Kent are the go-to brands for quality.

They're expensive though. Scunci makes a cheapie one I believe. Check out Sally's online, and the ethnic beauty sections at your local stores- you're looking for 100% boar bristle or pure boar bristle. Nylon spikes aren't bad, but you want it to be a high concentration of boar, not nylon.