I have pretty wide feet and ankles. This caused some anxiety for years but then I decided to bite the bullet and just go with it. I found two pairs of heels that I loved and I went from there.

If you are in the same boat, welcome aboard!

My first thought was totry Nordstrom. Pricey yes but they offer a decent selection of wide widths, and offer complimentary stretching on leather shoes.

Zappos is another option for selection of wide shoes. Try looking for a peep toe in leather or suede, nothing synthetic, so it can be stretched. You may want to try a wedge as well, since they tend to be more comfortable. You should try stretching with the shoes you currently have as well.

A good cobbler (yelp shoe repair in your area) can stretch shoes - even synthetics to lesser success - and add length to ankle straps.

Like I hate buckles bc I come from a culture where you don't wear shoes in the house, so buckles are just a pain in the ass. I take all my buckle shoes to my cobbler and have him put a snap closure underneath the buckle. So I can use it to cinch still, but it's a snap (HA!) to put on and take off.

Any good cobbler who has experience with leather work (they are getting fewer and further between) should be able to help you.

Brands that I think could work for you in terms of comfort and style (issues for me as well) - Dansko (they have cute sandals), Rockport, Clarks, Ivanka Trump, Sofft, Naturalizer, Nine West, Stuart Weitzman, Shoes of Prey (available on Nordstrom and in wide widths), J. Reneé (lots of cute really feminine heels in wide widths and 2-3" heels).

But if you have bunions you really need to consider having your shoes stretched professionally to better accommodate your toe box.

I think the main reason that I failed the first time around was because I wasn't certain what to wear. I bought and then was not happy afterwards.

I changed that.

Randomly trying shoes may work eventually but your money and your time is likely better spent on a personal consultation with someone who knows what will suit you best.

For brands, you might want to look at Ross Hommerson, Clarks, Sofft, or Rockport. Those all make reasonably priced dress shoes that tend to be comfortable and in various widths and styles.