I will be honest, the drug store has some of my most used, go to products. Why shouldn't it? They have quality and I appreciate being able to go and grab them off the shelf when I am in a hurry.

There is one brand that Hot Topic sells (don't judge) called Blackheart Cosmetics.

Their neons are excellent and the shimmers are actually really unique. There's one that reminds me of a non-texture version of the black and pink liquid sand from the OPI Mariah Carey collection. It's sooo pretty and goes on nice and smooth.

They come in neat little skull shaped bottles. While the glitters from them are more miss than hit formula-wise, the solid colors are very opaque and have a nice formula. They are almost always on some kind of deal so you can get a few for under $5.

I thing, but I'm not sure, they are also sold under a different branding (and no skull bottles) in below five.

Again, don't judge.

I've seen some glitters in hot topic that looked like ones I got in below five and vice versa.

I do recommend a good top coat, though. They seem to have at least some difficulty with staying a bit soft.


Revlon and Sally Hansen have always been great, at least the ones I'm drawn to (Parfumiere line and Insta Dry line, respectively).

They have a good formula, they are long wearing, and just all around good.

I will never pay full drug store prices for Essie, their formulas are almost always garbage, either too watery to do anything other than water marble or too thick and gloopy and not worth wasting my thinner on.

I also am not too big of a fan of Maybelline, especially their Color Show line, they always bubble on me, no matter what top coat I do/don't use or the kind of room I paint my nails in, no fan or anything like that.