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My List for Those With A Shoe Fetish

I have pretty wide feet and ankles. This caused some anxiety for years but then I decided to bite the bullet and just go with it. I found two pairs of heels that I loved and I went from there.

If you are in the same boat, welcome aboard!

My first thought was totry Nordstrom. Pricey yes but they offer a decent selection of wide widths, and offer complimentary stretching on leather shoes.

Zappos is another option for selection of wide shoes. Try looking for a peep toe in leather or suede, nothing synthetic, so it can be stretched. You may want to try a wedge as well, since they tend to be more comfortable. You should try stretching with the shoes you currently have as well.

A good cobbler (yelp shoe repair in your area) can stretch shoes - even synthetics to lesser success - and add length to ankle straps.

Like I hate buckles bc I come from a culture where you don't wear shoes in the house, so buckles are just a pain in the ass. I take all my buckle shoes to my cobbler and have him put a snap closure underneath the buckle. So I can use it to cinch still, but it's a snap (HA!) to put on and take off.

Any good cobbler who has experience with leather work (they are getting fewer and further between) should be able to help you.

Brands that I think could work for you in terms of comfort and style (issues for me as well) - Dansko (they have cute sandals), Rockport, Clarks, Ivanka Trump, Sofft, Naturalizer, Nine West, Stuart Weitzman, Shoes of Prey (available on Nordstrom and in wide widths), J. Reneé (lots of cute really feminine heels in wide widths and 2-3" heels).

But if you have bunions you really need to consider having your shoes stretched professionally to better accommodate your toe box.

I think the main reason that I failed the first time around was because I wasn't certain what to wear. I bought and then was not happy afterwards.

I changed that.

Randomly trying shoes may work eventually but your money and your time is likely better spent on a personal consultation with someone who knows what will suit you best.

For brands, you might want to look at Ross Hommerson, Clarks, Sofft, or Rockport. Those all make reasonably priced dress shoes that tend to be comfortable and in various widths and styles.

Is This A Diet - Keto

So, I'm trying a keto diet. At first I was worried it would severely hinder my cooking with the restrictions, but I think it's actually done the opposite.

And I think my food actually tastes better now. So many people at work are living off salads sadly until they snap and eat a bunch of pizza, meanwhile I'm eating stuffed chicken, bacon, and steak. I have a coworker that was sitting near me the other day at lunch, and asked about what I was eating. (Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Jambalaya leftovers, in NO way does it look like it's healthy for you) and she knows I'm on a diet since we've been comparing them and are competing to see who loses weight faster.

She looks at my food, then looks at hers (chicken salad, no dressing, with fruit on the side) then looks at me incredulously and says "And you've visibly lost weight eating this stuff too!"

And calls her friends over so everyone oooohs and aaaaaahs over the food and goes on about how they're sick of salad and chicken breast with veggies.

Today I decided to make Shepherd's Pie.

The Shepards pie was easy to make. I just made mashed cauliflower, I'll even use the micro in a pinch and seasoned a lb of the ground pork and beef mix I use with.

  • rosemary
  • Sage
  • Litesalt
  • pepper
  • onion powder
  • thyme

I added in some frozen mixed veggies when the meat was about halfway done cooking, I only used about 2oz veggies per 4oz meat because of the carb count though.

I'm sure it would taste good with spinach or cabbage.

Once the meat was done, I just plopped it on top of the mashed cauliflower, and in the pan with the remaining grease I added some beef broth, Worcester sauce, pepper and hwc, and stirred it in with a whisk, taste-testing until I got the taste I want. I like my gravy thicker, so I added a VERY small amount of cornstarch slurry in, not even a tsp worth. And that was for enough gravy for 2 people.

I brought it to a boil while whisking until it was fairly thick, then just dribbled it over the meat, veggies, and cauliflower!

If you want it more classic, you could do all the same steps in a slightly different order, cooked meat and veggies in a casserole dish first, then gravy mixed in, then the veggie mash goes on top like a crust. Some people like to put cheese and butter on the crust. Everything is pretty much cooked at that point, so you can just broil it for a bit.

The shepherd pie is a little more carb heavy.

My lunch serving has a cup of mashed cauliflower, 4oz meat, 2 oz veggies, and a half cup of gravy I think. The veggies and cornstarch are the main culprits, so xantham gum could fix that. And I totaled the carbs at between 14-16 when I tracked it, and around 700kcals. But it's really filling, so if I even eat dinner tonight there will be no problem having a light one.

I was thinking maybe next time I make something like this I'll pack her a lunch too with the nutrients listed. I love how the food looks and TASTES good, and we're not really having to give up things we love.

Just have to get creative sometimes.

We went to weigh in for the contest our office is doing today, beforehand she saw me eating bacon out of a Ziploc for breakfast.

It's pretty funny.

The Drug Store Look

I will be honest, the drug store has some of my most used, go to products. Why shouldn't it? They have quality and I appreciate being able to go and grab them off the shelf when I am in a hurry.

There is one brand that Hot Topic sells (don't judge) called Blackheart Cosmetics.

Their neons are excellent and the shimmers are actually really unique. There's one that reminds me of a non-texture version of the black and pink liquid sand from the OPI Mariah Carey collection. It's sooo pretty and goes on nice and smooth.

They come in neat little skull shaped bottles. While the glitters from them are more miss than hit formula-wise, the solid colors are very opaque and have a nice formula. They are almost always on some kind of deal so you can get a few for under $5.

I thing, but I'm not sure, they are also sold under a different branding (and no skull bottles) in below five.

Again, don't judge.

I've seen some glitters in hot topic that looked like ones I got in below five and vice versa.

I do recommend a good top coat, though. They seem to have at least some difficulty with staying a bit soft.


Revlon and Sally Hansen have always been great, at least the ones I'm drawn to (Parfumiere line and Insta Dry line, respectively).

They have a good formula, they are long wearing, and just all around good.

I will never pay full drug store prices for Essie, their formulas are almost always garbage, either too watery to do anything other than water marble or too thick and gloopy and not worth wasting my thinner on.

I also am not too big of a fan of Maybelline, especially their Color Show line, they always bubble on me, no matter what top coat I do/don't use or the kind of room I paint my nails in, no fan or anything like that.

Feet Saver

I was sick of not being able to wear heels for more than 15 minutes without wanting to throw them across the room!

So I went ooking for nice insoles.

What I would was a probuct called Superfeet. I looked them up on Amazon and saw that they have darn good reviews! It's a hard piece of plastic that you can put in your heels that makes it so your heel is on a much flatter surface in your shoe.

Kind of hard to explain how it feels but it has higher ratings than any other insole type thing and has allowed me to go out in some shoes that were totally unwearable previously. They come with velcro, so you can attach them to a strappy pair of shoes too. I've worn them with a number of different style but they kept sliding out the back because I didn't use the velcro.

You can't reapply the velcro to other shoes though, but can wear them without the velcro just fine in pumps.

Nail Stamping

I just started stamping (so excited!!), and have bought three stampers.

The clear one which is sticky arrived first. My next was Konad since I wanted to start with the original instead of a knock off. Oddly, I LOVE the clear, sticky one better, as it is much softer.

And I have simply been practicing.

As in, stamping an image 10 to 20 times on paper before I try it on a nail. I pulled out 8-10 colors that would match my base color on Saturday, and then just spent more than an hour practicing stamping, to see which polish worked better, which stamper, and which image.

Love to hear what others have to say!

The Big List

The Basics

Nail polish removal:

  1. Make nail polish remover that is moisturizing.
  2. Foil method to remove glitter polish.
  3. School glue as base coat for easy removal of glitter polish.
  4. Target "dip it" acetone remover. There's a scary looking hole in the middle with teeth like projections. You immerse your finger in the hole with acetone and move it back and forth. The brushes will make polish removal very easy.
    • Cuticle Removal: Video on using cuticle remover and cuticle cutter. Blog on what is safe to cut/remove.
    • Cuticle and Nail Moisturizing: Blog on what to use and how long and often to do it.
    • Nail Strengtheners and Hardeners: Blog on which ones to use and why to use them. Just applying nail hardeners won't make your nails healthy. Overdoing it might actually cause your nails to be brittle and break easily. Eating healthy and/or taking supplements like biotin will help nails too.
    • Filing Nails: Use a glass file and only file in one direction. The FAQ has a very informative tutorial on what to do and how to file nails. Loodieloodieloodie's various enteries on nail filing.

One thing I'm going to have to un-learn from my years of blogging is how to properly file the nail. Apparently, the one direction technique you always hear about in the blogosphere is technically incorrect. In fact, our textbook instructs us to file from corners to center. So one side of your nail will be filed one way, and an invisible, vertical line down the middle divides the other side of your nail, where you'll file the other way. Who knew?

  • Learn how to Apply Polish and use an angled brush to clean up.
  • Polish stain removal: Lemon, chlorox, Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda, toothpaste are some things that will help with stain removal. (Always, always use a base coat.)
  • Applying Top Coat: When you put your top coat on, make sure the brush doesn't touch your polish. So put a drop of top coat on the bottom of your nail and just drag the brush without it touching the polish. This way your design doesn't smear.

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